10 reasons we love golf in the fall

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Today is the first day of fall! The days are getting shorter, everything’s been pumpkin-spiced, and it’s starting to drizzle. Let’s celebrate these last few weeks of golf with a list of our top 10 reasons we love golf in the fall.




10. Let’s start with the most obvious reason: it’s cheaper. Golf is an expensive hobby. Fall is the time of year golf courses drop their prices on everything from greens fees to cart rentals. Take advantage of the price drop and go out more often!




9. It’s easier to book tee times. You don’t have to worry if you’ve forgotten to call for an 8:00 am Saturday tee time until Friday afternoon.



8. The weather is more predictable and consistent. In July you’ll need a sweater and hat for your 7:30 am tee time and will be sweating through your t-shirt at noon. In the fall the temperatures are more stable throughout the day.




7. In the fall there’s a little more moisture in the air and coating the grass. The wet turf will make your ball roll farther down the fairways and greens after it lands. Who doesn’t love a little extra yardage?




6. Summertime’s when all the newbies come out and try their hand at this golf thing. By fall most of the beginners have either given it up or improved enough that it’s not painful to watch.




5. If you are a new golfer, you’re more likely to be surrounded by more seasoned players in the fall. When you get paired up with an experienced group you might just pick up some good tips if you pay attention.




4. Playing your local courses over and over during summer gets boring. Colder weather and a slight wind can change things up just enough to make an old course feel new again. Maybe it’s time to brush up on your green reading skills.




3. There’s nothing that beats a steaming cup of hot coffee on a chilly early morning at the golf course. And according to a recent study, that caffeinated beverage will cut 2 strokes off your round. Easiest change ever.




2. Pace of play is faster. As we’ve mentioned before, most golfers who stick it out into the fall are those who take the game seriously. That means they’re golfers who understand etiquette and are more likely to keep up the pace so your round won’t last 5 hours.




1. Our number 1 favorite thing about golf in the fall is the scenery. Russet colored trees, golden grasses, and glittering early-morning frost on the fairways combine to make fall our favorite time of year to be out on the golf course. And if you have to occasionally dig your ball out of a small pile of leaves? Well, we think it’s worth it.

Don’t let the (slight) chill keep you away! Get out there before the snow comes and buries the tees boxes. Come December you’ll be wishing you’d gotten a few more rounds in before the cold really started.