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As members of the Bench Craft graphic design team we work on a daily basis with people who’ve never advertised before. If your company fits into that category, don’t worry! We’re here to help.

Here are our top 3 things that don’t belong on your advertisement:


don't include your fax number or P.O. box


1. Irrelevant contact information.

It’s a good idea to put your fax number on your business card and website, but try and remember the last time a customer made their FIRST contact with your company via fax. We’re willing to bet it was around the early 90’s. And nobody needs your P.O. box address unless they are mailing you a letter, which your customers will not be doing the first time they reach out to you.
You should include the best phone number for customers to reach you (no need for office, direct and cell phone, just pick one!) and your website if you have one. If you have a storefront, include the location address. If you don’t have a customer facing storefront, then include a service area (serving Yamhill and the surrounding areas).


don't use an exact copy of your business card


2. An exact copy of your business card.

Business cards and advertisements serve 2 very different purposes.
Business cards are used when you’ve been introduced to a client who wants to be able to contact you in the future. Advertisements are meant to gain your company that initial introduction by telling (or reminding) customers that you exist in the first place. A great way to do this is by using a ‘call to action’, or a line that is telling the viewer what you want them to do.


a business card example


One problem with business cards is the amount of contact information they present. Your newest customers aren’t going to need your cell, office, and direct number in addition to your office location, personal email and website all at once. Just give them the top 2 easiest ways to contact your company and they’ll be less overwhelmed and more likely to actually reach out to you.


an example of an ad created from a business card


The main reasons our advertisers ask us to use their business card is because it’s easy. It already has your logo, colors, contact number and possibly photos, all on one piece of paper ready to go. If your business card is the only complete piece of design you’ve had made for your company, the Bench Craft design team recommends using it as a starting point for a new design instead of a direct copy. Our designers will help you plan the best way to work with what you have.


don't include too much information - busy is bad!


3. Too much information.

One of the biggest mistakes we see are companies trying to cram too much information on their advertisement. Your audience doesn’t want to read a paragraph, they want a quick one line overview.
Skip the list of every service you offer if a shorter phrase would get the same point across. For example if you’re in the remodeling business, try saying “Commercial and Residential Remodeling” instead of “Remodels for Offices, Warehouses, Kitchens, Bathrooms, and More”. It takes up less space, reads cleaner, gets your point across and – bonus- studies show more people will remember it.


Bonus tip…4. Don’t worry!

Yes, we know the title said this was a list of 3 but we felt the need to add number 4: please, don’t worry! Our design team has about 40 experienced graphic designers. We promise to work with you until you have an advertisement design you are 100% satisfied with. Revisions are always included in our advertisement packages so feel free to speak up if you have any questions or concerns about the way we’re working on your layout.


If you want to discuss what is and isn’t appropriate for your specific company’s advertisement call our design team and we’ll help you figure out a plan of action. You can reach us at 1 (800) 824 8311 ext 741 from 6 in the morning until 5 at night PST.