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It looks easy (if you’re good at it)

Professional golfers make getting the golf ball in the hole under par look effortless. Swing, hit, and sink. Every non-golfer sitting on their living room couch thinks they could do it. Just hit the golf ball in the general direction of the hole, right?

As a Realtor, you’ll have to overcome homeowners who picked up Real Estate for Dummies and are now second guessing your every move. Oh, and their cousin Jimmy recommended putting their house out for $60,000 more than it’s worth, so be sure to try that first.




There’s always hazards

On the golf course you have bunkers, stands of trees and sometimes a body of water in between you and the hole. Not to mention even Mickelson and Tiger can’t get through an single round without plunking their golf balls into the rough a few times.

There’s a unique set of hazards for Realtors to overcome. House inspections, price negotiations, poor credit histories, and (oftentimes) unrealistic expectations from potential buyers all have to be overcome before the keys are handed over.




Small adjustments make a big impact

As a Realtor you understand first impressions are a huge factor when selling a home. A fresh coat of neutral paint and a good, thorough scrubbing of the kitchen cabinets can make an older home look promising to buyers. Add a linen scented plug in (good bye, doggie smell) and viola- you’re ready for your next open house.

For golfers, a little work on your stance can eliminate the slice that’s been plaguing your tee shots. 30 minutes of range time before heading out onto the front 9 and a few extra seconds spent eyeing your putt before hitting the golf ball will shave strokes off your round.




Whether you’re a golfer or a Realtor, what sets the professionals apart from the novices is their ability to overcome hazards through knowledge and experience. And at the end of the day, whether you’re a Realtor who just finished signing closing papers or a golfer proudly writing 76 on your scorecard, you’re probably both going to wind up at the same local bar to celebrate. Cheers!