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Are you curious about what it’s like to have an advertisement designed for your business with Bench Craft Company?

Often our customers come to us not knowing what to expect with the design process. We thought we’d write up this post to make the process a bit clearer.

Here’s an example of how we designed an advertisement for a recent customer, Carol Grochmal of Keller Williams in Charlotte, NC.

Carol didn’t know what she wanted her advertisement to look like when she signed up as a sponsoring advertiser for the Larkhaven Golf Club Course Guide Book. She submitted her business card, a photo, and asked us to use her contact information from the signature of her email.

This is the normal type of ad copy that we receive from small companies. A business card and a few other pieces of information to work from like a photo, website, or list of services.

This is Carol’s business card which she scanned and emailed to us

carol grochmal keller williams original art

Sara, the graphic designer initially assigned to the account, designed Carol’s advertisement to match her business card as close as possible. Sara kept the overall layout the same, reset the text so it wouldn’t be blurry, used the high-quality photograph that Carol submitted, and added the extra contact information as requested.

This is how we usually design the first layout if the advertiser submits a business card. We try to keep it similar to what the advertiser submitted in order to keep consist with their brand identity unless they explicitly ask for something different.

A first proof was then mailed to Carol for her review

carol grochmal keller williams option 1
The Bench Craft design team prints and mails the first proof at full size. This is done so the advertiser has a chance to check the text sizes and get a good idea of what their layout will look like once printed. We can also email proofs at the request of an advertiser but most often the first version is mailed (second and third versions are usually emailed).

When Carol received the first advertisement proof in the mail, she realized it wasn’t quite what she wanted.

She took a few days to look it over and then called Bench Craft to talk about making some revisions.

Rachelle, the graphic designer who answered Carol’s phone call, listened to her concerns and figured out what Carol wanted from her advertisement. Together they talked over some ideas and concepts about how the finished ad should look, what Carol liked about the existing business card layout and what they could change.

After their phone call Rachelle got to work making some adjustments to the new advertisement layout. She used a photo from Keller Williams’ approved images, removed some of the superfluous contact information, and adjusted the type to make Carol’s name more prominent.
sketch keller williams layout
Rachelle came up with two layouts for Carol to choose from. One of the layout options had a golf-centric tag line, “Your hole-in-one choice in realty.” Our design team highly suggests adding something like this to your advertisement, even if your company isn’t related to the golf industry.

The second layout option had a larger photo.

Later that day our design team emailed Carol the two revised proofs to look over

carol grochmal keller williams final advertisement
carol grochmal keller williams option 2
Carol saw the two layouts and decided she like the option with the tagline the best. She emailed back that it was approved and ready to print.

And that’s that! After the other sponsoring advertisers have approved their artwork and the golf course has confirmed that the details in their  
course guide book are ok, we will print and ship the books to the golf course.

Once the books are at the golf course they are distributed throughout the year to golfers

Carol’s local community will be looking at her advertisement throughout their next 4 hour+ round of golf. Since 91% of golfers are home owners they’re likely to be buying and selling a home soon. Luckily they’ll know who to call!

If you are interested in learning more about advertising at your local golf course through Bench Craft Company, give our sponsorship coordination team a call at 1 (800) 824 8311. They can help you find a course near your business, discuss pricing options, print dates, and answer any questions you may have.