Arizona City Golf Course

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We’d like to share this message we recently received from Scott at Arizona City Golf course:

“As a golf course owner it is hard to find companies today that provide a quality product backed with excellent service.

Having built, owned and managed golf courses for 47 years my family has had its ‘fair share’ of vendors and sales reps and I can honestly say that Bench Craft Company has been one of the best we have ever had. Anytime we have needed a sign replaced for a customer or scorecards they were delivered as promised.

Living in a small town, it is great going to a Chamber or Boys and Girls Club meetings and interacting with local business people and getting positive feedback on how awesome their advertising looked on the scorecards, hole signs,ball washers or benches, after they have played in one of our tournaments.

This helps the golf course and their business on so many levels.
earned customers from golf course advertising
When I need a car for a hole in one contest there is no hesitation in calling the car dealer because he is ecstatic with the amount of customers he has obtained from his advertising on the golf course….and the list goes on and on.

Bench Craft products are high quality products! Here in Arizona it is 115 in the summer and gets down to freezing in the winter and we have never had a problem with any of the materials.
Arizona city golf course
Finally, Matt and Ryan [from the Bench Craft road crew] came out to our course to replace benches, ball washers and signs and did a great job! We were extremely busy and they had a lot of work to do and did not interfere with play.

They were professional and the members even commented on what a great job they did and how nice everything looked!

When I asked them about the owner they said it was ‘Charley Cobb’ and their faces lit up with respect.
Respect for Charley Cobb
Mr. Cobb I have never met you but my Dad used to tell me that you can not buy respect, it is something that is earned. You have earned mine as well as your employees.

Thank you!”


Scott Waddle

Owner of Arizona City Golf Course
13939 S. Cleator Rd., Arizona City, AZ


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