What the team at Bench Craft is thankful for in 2015

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It’s almost Thanksgiving! This time next week we’ll be preparing for a thick slice of turkey, a dollop of mashed potatoes, and a healthy does of gratitude. Since Bench Craft’s offices won’t be open on Thanskgiving Day we thought it would be fun to to go over some of the things we’re the most thankful… Read more »

creating a golf course guide part 2 cover photo

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This article is the second in a series of 2 posts about Bench Craft’s golf course guide design process. You can find part 1 here, which describes our process when making the page layouts. In this post we will go over the way our design team illustrates maps using satellite technology and adding the all-important yardage measurements. We already… Read more »

designing page layouts for a golf course guide book

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We’ve had a lot of people lately asking about Bench Craft’s process of designing golf course guides. We wanted to share a basic overview of how it works. We’ll be sharing our process of designing a golf course guide book in 2 separate articles. This is part 1, which explains the way our design team… Read more »

an old bench is turned into a new tee sign

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Over the past 30+ years Bench Craft has made huge improvements in the way we reuse our materials. Take our tee signs for example. We offer two types of tee signs: solid redwood and Durawood. The golf course gets to choose which type they’d like to receive. Recycling our benches Many of our wooden tee signs start their… Read more »

Advertiser testimonial: laura

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We’d like to share an email that an advertiser sent to us recently. This is from Laura, a Realtor and small business owner in Georgia. She sent us this message about her experience working Troy on our graphic designer team. Laura’s message: “I wanted to take a minute to let you know that I have had the recent… Read more »

Queenfield Golf Club yardage books

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Bench Craft recently worked with Langdon Townsend, the General Manager over at Queenfield Golf Club, on creating his course guide books. We’d like to share the message Langdon sent us regarding his experience with with Bench Craft. Langdon, the General Manager at Queenfield Golf Club’s message: “Working with Bench Craft Company was very easy. They… Read more »

10 reasons we love golf in the fall

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Today is the first day of fall! The days are getting shorter, everything’s been pumpkin-spiced, and it’s starting to drizzle. Let’s celebrate these last few weeks of golf with a list of our top 10 reasons we love golf in the fall.     10. Let’s start with the most obvious reason: it’s cheaper. Golf is an expensive hobby. Fall is the… Read more »

about our advertisement design process

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Are you curious about what it’s like to have an advertisement designed for your business with Bench Craft Company? Often our customers come to us not knowing what to expect with the design process. We thought we’d write up this post to make the process a bit clearer. Here’s an example of how we designed an… Read more »

3 tips for reading the grain of the green

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What does ‘grain’ and ‘break’ of a green mean? When golfers talk about the grain of a green they are referring to the texture the grass makes by the direction it’s leaning. The break is the direction the green will try and pull your golf ball. Break is mostly influenced by the grain and topography of the green. For… Read more »