The front of the new Bench Craft office with the sign installed

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Over the past 5 years Bench Craft Company has added a large number of full-time employees, something we consider a huge accomplishment. Growth means we are heading in the right direction! It also means that after 5 short years we’d yet again outgrown our headquarters in Portland, Oregon. August 3rd we moved into a brand new building…. Read more »

Where to find free (quality) photos

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Using high quality photos in elements of your branding is one of the easiest ways to help your business look professional. Most businesses purchase stock photos from sites like or But that can get expensive. Fast. What’s a budget savvy business owner like you to do? Don’t just go grab a photo off of Google image search. We know… Read more »

Can your customers recognize your company's 'look'?

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  What is brand identity? The term brand identity includes all the visual materials used to present your company. Your logo, colors, typefaces, verbiage, business card, advertisement layouts, storefront sign, uniforms – all of that is part of your brand identity. A good brand identity is consistent and easily recognizable.  It tells people who you are, what you… Read more »

RedHawk public golf course

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The Bench Craft team received a really nice message yesterday from Marc Vedder who is the Head Golf Professional and General Manager at RedHawk Golf Course in Idaho, as well as a member of the PGA. We’ve been working with RedHawk since 2010, when they were still operating under the name Hunter’s Point. From Marc: “Working… Read more »

Skamania Lodge Golf Resort

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Bench Craft Company is now in our second year of working with the beautiful Skamania Lodge Golf Course. Skamania has a long list of awards to their name, including being named one of the 2008-2009 Golf Digest’s 4-Star Best Places to Play. The course is one of the most beautiful we’ve seen and is a Certified… Read more »

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It looks easy (if you’re good at it) Professional golfers make getting the golf ball in the hole under par look effortless. Swing, hit, and sink. Every non-golfer sitting on their living room couch thinks they could do it. Just hit the golf ball in the general direction of the hole, right? As a Realtor,… Read more »