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It’s that time of year again! Every January 1st Americans make a resolution to improve their year. If you’re one of the 45% who resolve to better manage their weight or increase their level of fitness in 2017, consider adding golf to your weekly routine. Golf is a good way to stay fit through moderate… Read more »

golf quotes for bad rounds

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We’ve all had it happen. You head out to the golf course ready to play your best round ever and – THUNK – you land in the sand. Next you hit it in the trees. Then your ball rolls on into the water and before you know it you’ve shot a 127. Hopefully these golf quotes will help… Read more »

golf ball flight pattern diagram

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The flight path of a golf ball is affected by 2 main factors: your swing path and the angle of your clubface as it hits the golf ball. In the past golf instructors were teaching students that swing path was the most important factor in golf ball flight patterns. Recent research analyzing thousands of golfer’s… Read more »

10 reasons we love golf in the fall

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Today is the first day of fall! The days are getting shorter, everything’s been pumpkin-spiced, and it’s starting to drizzle. Let’s celebrate these last few weeks of golf with a list of our top 10 reasons we love golf in the fall.     10. Let’s start with the most obvious reason: it’s cheaper. Golf is an expensive hobby. Fall is the… Read more »

3 tips for reading the grain of the green

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What does ‘grain’ and ‘break’ of a green mean? When golfers talk about the grain of a green they are referring to the texture the grass makes by the direction it’s leaning. The break is the direction the green will try and pull your golf ball. Break is mostly influenced by the grain and topography of the green. For… Read more »