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Free golf course products

Many people ask us how our products can be provided free. The answer is simple: all of our products are funded directly through local business sponsorship advertising. This type of advertising gives businesses in your community an opportunity to be seen by a target consumer market. Our dedicated sponsorship coordinators obtain local businesses to sponsor each product, with local business owner and golfers receiving priority. It’s a working relationship that benefits both the golf course and the community.

Golf courses are looking to save money now more than ever. In order to keep costs down courses are typically forced to order large quantities, sacrificing the ability to make design or yardage changes as they arise. With our free solution, all costs (including those arising from design changes and course modifications) are eliminated. By choosing Bench Craft Company, you will receive top quality, custom designed products without the added expense which means extra money in your pocket. Why would you pay for what we can provide free? It’s a no-brainer.

Proudly serving over 4,500 golf courses

As an industry leader in free golf course accessories, Bench Craft is proud to serve upwards of 4,000 golf courses and counting. Our complete line of products are designed to meet the needs of any golf course, from private clubs to municipal courses and everything in between.

From course guide books to benches, we are the choice economical solution for golf courses worldwide. We are now the best provider of free custom designed golf course products, serving golf courses across all 50 states and 9 Canadian provinces. Courses designed by master architects like Robert Trent Jones Jr., as well as some of the finest golf resorts in the country are among our list of clients. We even have roots in Ireland, home to some of the greatest golf gems in the world.

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Free products for golf courses