designing page layouts for a golf course guide book

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We’ve had a lot of people lately asking about Bench Craft’s process of designing golf course guides. We wanted to share a basic overview of how it works.

We’ll be sharing our process of designing a golf course guide book in 2 separate articles. This is part 1, which explains the way our design team lays out the articles and content in the book. Our next post will describe the illustration of maps using satellite technology and adding yardage measurements.


When a golf course signs up with Bench Craft Company their account is assigned to a member of our professionally trained graphic design team.

Researching the golf course

The graphic designer conducts some preliminary research on the golf course, getting a good feel for the style and brand identity they will be working with. Research is important because it helps ensure the final design of the product matches with the public look the golf course already has.
researching the golf course
After initial research has been complete, the graphic designer calls whoever is in charge of overseeing the book design from the golf course. Usually this is a golf course professional or manager. Bench Craft’s designer introduces themselves and explains the process and what the golf course needs to do to get started.

Once everybody is on the same page it’s time to start creating the layout of the golf course guide book. This is where Bench Craft’s designer uses the content provided by the golf course.

Creating page layouts for the content

page layout examples for the golf course guides
Each layout is custom designed for the individual golf course. Colors, typefaces, images and content are chosen to compliment the existing branding of the course.
bench craft designer working
Articles about the golf course history, amenities, lessons, pro shop, events, restaurant and other custom content are carefully arranged with photos provided by the golf course or high-quality images from our library. If the golf course does not have enough readily available content of their own to fill out the golf course guide, the designer will supplement it with valuable information and golf tips from our content library.

Designing the scorecard element

In the back of the golf course guide a detailed and accurate scorecard is laid out for golfers to use during their round. Each scorecard has exact yardages for every tee position on the course, handicap, and par information. The style of the scorecard is determined by the number of tees per hole and the overall brand identity of the golf course.
graphic designer working on a layout
Many of our scorecards feature extra information that traditional scorecards don’t have room to include. These extras include pin sheets, which tell the golfer the location of each hole on the green based on the flag color. Other bonus elements include mini-map illustrations that can be used as a quick-reference by the golfer, slope and rating information, or formal signature areas in case the golfer has an extra-special round (hole-in-one!).
scorecard in golf course guide
Now that the pages have been carefully arranged and laid out the designer will begin work on the map illustrations. We’ll go over that in part 2, which is coming soon!