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When you’re starting a new company there’s usually so much to do that business cards can get lost in the shuffle, even if you understand they are important.

Here are a couple of ways to make sure you get a good deal on business cards without breaking the bank or going through a lot of hassle. Each choice has it’s own set of benefits and problems, so our designers have given a few insider tips to help you make the best decision for your company


Hire a designer or design agency


Hire a graphic designer or design agency

Work with the graphic designer or agency who made your logo and have them create your business cards. Designers will have connections with printing shops around town who can produce high-quality cards for you. They will usually go do a print check to make sure the printing and cutting out of each card meets professional quality standards.

Be careful who you hire though-crowd sourcing sites might seem like a bargain but we promise it’s not. A better choice would be to go through a site like or

The downside:
Hiring a professional can be expensive! Freelance designers and agencies charge anywhere from $40-$120 an hour in addition to printing costs. If you don’t pick a designer with a good workflow it can take a long time to actually get your cards.

Designer tips:
“If quality is your top priority over cost or time, save yourself a headache and hire a professional.”

“Be upfront with your designer about your budget. They’ll know ways to get you the most for your money.”




Order from an online printing company like or

Online print shops are awesome for getting inexpensive business cards.

Most places have free templates for you to use if you don’t have a layout from a professional graphic designer, which will save you money. This is good, but it means you might have the exact same business card design as another (or several other) businesses in town.

It’s always best to have a professional design that’s customized for your company but, when you’ve got a tight budget, online printing can be a good solution.

The downside:
Online printing shops aren’t known for being focused on quality. The inks can be splotchy and the cuts might be off center which can make your cards look unprofessional. Also, they tend to make a lot of their money on shipping costs, so watch out!

Designer tips:
“I’d personally recommend using a design with a white background. I’ve ordered products through both of these places and the dark colors flaked around the edges and the inks printed splotchy, which made them look less professional. If you choose a light colored background the designs print much nicer!”

“Search for promo codes before checking out. I always save that way.”


Walk into an office supply store like Staples, Office Max, or Office Depot for same-day prints

These kinds of stores have a print department that can do same day business cards for a very reasonable price. Most places will get cards to you within 4 hours if you place your order before early afternoon.

Because they are everywhere, you can just pop in with a thumb drive with your design and have the print shop guy set up the cards. If you have any questions there is someone there to answer you right away without having to dig through a poorly designed website. Similar to online printers, most of the big chain store have free design templates you can use online.

The downside:
Most same day printers can only do one-sided prints. And, similar to online printers, the quality can be hit and miss depending on who is running the machine.

Designer tips:
“Take advantage of the knowledge from the guys behind the desk. They always have useful tips and are usually very friendly.”

“If something looks off, speak up! I’ve had people at Staples redo cards for free when the cut was off-center.”




Advertisers can order business cards directly through Bench Craft Company

If you are an advertiser working with Bench Craft we can take the ad we designed for your company and lay it out so it’s an appropriate business card. We can print, produce, and ship you your cards within a few days.

The downside:
Unless you live in Portland, Oregon you might have to pay a small shipping fee. If you live in Portland, you can just stop by and pick up your cards.

Designer tips:
“Send me examples of other business cards you like; it helps me figure out what sort of design you’re interested in. Just do a quick search on Pinterest.”

“Never use a duplicate advertisement on your business card-stuff like your call to action and headline don’t belong on your cards. Just ask us to use it as a jumping off point.”


Your resource list for ordering business cards

Online ordering at and Be sure to check RetailMeNot for promo codes before you order!

Same day printing can be done at the Staples Print Center or the Office Depot / Office Max Print Centers.

You can find a reputable graphic designer at or through the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA). Stay away from crowd sourcing sites and Craigslist, it’s more headache than it’s worth.

Contact Bench Craft Company to get a quote for business cards here.

Find inspiration for your next business card design on Pinterest.