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So you’ve realized the golf course is a great place for you to reach more potential customers. You’ve signed up with Bench Craft and you’re ready to get working with a graphic designer on your advertisement. But what if your company doesn’t have anything to do with golf?

The majority of companies who advertise with Bench Craft don’t work in the golf industry. We work with financial advisers, car dealerships, doctors, real estate agents, photographers, landscapers, restaurants–basically any type of business you can think of, we’ve worked with them.

Just because your company doesn’t work directly in a golf related industry doesn’t mean you can’t reference golf through imagery or clever verbiage to catch a golfer’s eye. You are, after all, being featured on a golf course.

Use the context of your advertisement to your advantage! You already know your audience is interested in golf, so use that knowledge to give your company a leg up on the competition by gearing your advertisement to appeal specifically to golfers.

If you’re looking for inspiration on ways to bring golf into your advertisement, check out what these non-golf companies did to successfully tie golf into advertisements:




ATB Financial in Edmonton, Alberta used a photograph of a golfer as focal point. Their clever subtitle, “Come into ATB and let us take a swing at your personal, business and investment banking needs” and header “Don’t take a mulligan on your finances” ties into the image and gives the reader an action they can take and a reason to take it.




This advertisement from Urology Tyler keeps their message simple and lighthearted yet relevant. This is a good example of less is more.




Riverwoods Senior Living knows their target market, and used relevant photography and the headline, “Find your joy every day” to reach them.

If you want to learn more about tying golf into your advertisement, or want help brainstorming for your ad, give our design department at call at 1 (800) 824 8311 ext. 741.