The front of the new Bench Craft office with the sign installed

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Over the past 5 years Bench Craft Company has added a large number of full-time employees, something we consider a huge accomplishment. Growth means we are heading in the right direction!

It also means that after 5 short years we’d yet again outgrown our headquarters in Portland, Oregon.

August 3rd we moved into a brand new building. By moving we were able to upgrade to a nicer office with lots of room for future growth. Over these first few weeks we’ve slowly been settling in and putting the finishing touches on our new home.

One of the things we were excited to do was put the sign up on the front of our building.

We worked with Hal and his team from Distinct Sign, a local company in Portland, to fabricate and install Bench Craft’s new sign.
The first thing the installers did was to tape up a large stencil of our logo on butcher paper. The stencil had little holes cut out around the corners of each letter. The installers marked the edges of each letter with a pencil onto the wall. When they went to put the letters of the sign up all they had to do was align the edges and they’d know everything was in the right place.
These are the letters before they were installed. You can see the adhesive tape on the back of each letter. That tape was strong! The installers also piped a construction grade adhesive between each letter and the building as they were placed on the wall.
The face of the sign was covered in a high gloss acrylic finish. It came covered in brown paper to keep it from getting scratched during the shipping and installation process. You can see how Hal and his team hand painted the edges of the sign to appear “Bench Craft Green” from every angle.

After the wall had markings on it for placement, they took down the butcher paper stencil and started to place the letters of the sign onto the building.

When each part of the sign was set in place the installers peeled off the brown paper and piped another type of adhesive between the sign and the building.

And that was it! Hal and his team had the job done from start to finish in about 1 hour. Now our office is easy to recognize and looks just a little bit more complete.