an old bench is turned into a new tee sign

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Over the past 30+ years Bench Craft has made huge improvements in the way we reuse our materials. Take our tee signs for example.

We offer two types of tee signs: solid redwood and Durawood. The golf course gets to choose which type they’d like to receive.

Recycling our benches

Many of our wooden tee signs start their lives as benches.

Our benches (which we also make ourselves) can start to show signs of wear on the legs and wood after a few years. Below is an example of what the legs on a bench can look like after several years outside.


bench legs being brought in from the golf course for refurbishing


When a bench needs to be refurbished it’s shipped back to our warehouse in Portland, Oregon. The solid metal legs are re-powder coated (never thrown away) and new lumber is stained for the bench itself. The bench is then shipped back to the golf course, good as new.

Then we recycle some of that used lumber removed from the bench into a tee sign.

Recycling the old bench lumber


lumber sanded
lumber edges


Our warehouse team takes the used wooden planks removed from the benches and strips off the original stain. To do this, they take each piece of lumber and sand all 6 sides of the wood down. It usually takes 2-3 passes through the sander on each side before the paint / stain is completely removed. This process is done by hand.

The edges are usually the hardest place to get the stain off. You can still see the green and red stain marks on the corners of the wood, so these need to be sanded down a little bit more.


paint on edges


Once the stain is removed the wood is cut to size, glued together and clamped. Any holes in the unfinished wood is filled with a high-quality wood putty.

Shaping the refurbished wood into a tee sign

We wait until it the tee sign is completely dried and sturdy, then smaller pieces are placed on top to create the 3-dimensional framed look our tee signs are famous for.


rebuilt tee signs


The tee sign is now ready to be shaped. The corners are sanded smooth and the finished shape is achieved.


rounded edges

Painting and staining the new tee sign

At this point we stain or paint the tee sign the color the golf course requests, again by hand.


hand painting the tee signspainting tee signs
Tee signs that are waiting to be hand painted


When the paint is dry the warehouse guys carefully place the information about each golf hole onto the face of the tee sign. The illustration of the hole, yardage, par and handicap information are printed on high-quality, weather proof acrylic and firmly attached to the sign.


Shipping the recycled tee sign to the golf course

Now the tee signs are ready to be delivered to the golf course! Our road crew comes and picks up the shipment and delivers it out to the golf course. They hand install each sign at the tee box for every hole on the course. They attach this years advertisement to the tee sign before leaving the golf course.