What the team at Bench Craft is thankful for in 2015

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It’s almost Thanksgiving! This time next week we’ll be preparing for a thick slice of turkey, a dollop of mashed potatoes, and a healthy does of gratitude.

Since Bench Craft’s offices won’t be open on Thanskgiving Day we thought it would be fun to to go over some of the things we’re the most thankful for right now.


We're thankful for business owners


We’re thankful for business owners

To the business owners who worked with Bench Craft to print more than 72,000 advertisements in 2015-we thank YOU!

You work nights and weekends to keep your companies running. You’re dedicated to providing the best service and products possible for your customers. You keep money in your local community by supporting your neighboring businesses.

Your dedication to supporting your local golf course and community is inspiring. We are especially grateful for all of our returning customers who choose to advertise with us year after year.

Thank you for doing what you do, and thank you for choosing to advertise with us!


We're thankful for the press crew


We’re thankful for Bench Craft’s awesome press crew

We added a 4th printing press to the Bench Craft production warehouse this year and the press team really stepped up to keep it busy. Some of our crew members have been running presses for more than 30 years. They still come to work each day with a smile on their face and a determination to produce the highest quality our machines are capable of.

During Bench Craft’s busiest months of the year the press crew rotated graveyard shifts just to keep up with demand. They work hard every day of the year to make sure all of Bench Craft’s pieces are printed at the highest quality possible and in the time frame that’s needed.

Press crew we are so extremely thankful for you and all you do!


We're thankful for our sponsorship team


We’re thankful for our dedicated sponsorship team

The sponsorship coordination team at Bench Craft is made up of the most hard-working individuals we’ve ever met.

These are the people responsible for researching and reaching out to businesses around each golf course and offering them the opportunity to advertise. They spend their days finding companies in the local community who would benefit the most from advertising on a course guide, or scorecard, or signage.

Without the sponsorship team none of the golf course products Bench Craft creates would ever make it to production. Thousands of small businesses would be struggling to reach customers in their community. Because of the sponsorship team’s connections Bench Craft is able to provide free products to more than 3,000 golf courses all across the continent.

Thank you sponsorship team for your hard work!


thank you from all of us at bench craft


Thank you to all the hard workers who’ve helped us grow Bench Craft this year and every year before it, to all the golfers and the business owners, the designers and the sponsorship coordinators, the businesses who advertise and the customers who shop with them.

From all of us at Bench Craft, happy Thanksgiving, and thank you for making 2015 such an amazing year!