I just signed up to advertise at a golf course. What do I do now?

To get started making your advertisement we need to know a little about your company. You can send us a business card, an ad you ran in the past, a link to your website, a photo, or just a few sentences about your company and what you’d like to accomplish with this ad.

You can submit your art direction by using the form below, by emailing us, or by calling (800) 824 8311 ext 741. The design process usually takes a few weeks so it’s good to get started as soon as possible.


Submitting print ready artwork

If you choose to design your advertisement yourself or use an outside design team please call us at (800) 824 8311 ext 741 before you get started. You’ll have to submit your print ready advertisement at the correct dimensions, resolution, and file type. You can find a list of general design specifications on this page.


Submit your art direction

Artwork Submission

It’s easiest for us to use .tif, .eps, and .txt files but you can submit whatever you have available. If you submit a file type we are unable to open we will contact you.

If you are trying to submit completed and print-ready artwork it needs to fit within the templates found here.

Email art direction

If you want to send your art direction via email, please send it to art@benchcraftcompany.com. You will need to put your account number in the subject line of the email. If you do not include your account number, your email will not be opened as a precaution due to the frequency of email triggered computer viruses.

Submit Art Using Email

Submit art direction over the phone

You can give art direction over the phone by calling us at (800) 824 8311 extension 741. If you don’t have any artwork to submit we can make your first proof from scratch to get started. Just call and let us know.


Mail art direction

If you want to send your art direction via post mail, please mail it to
Attn: Design Department, Re: Acct#(your account number)
PO Box 6343, Portland, OR 97228


Fedex or UPS art direction

If you want to send your art direction via Fedex or UPS, please send it to
Attn: Design Department, Re: Acct#(your account number)
16600 SW 72nd Ave, Bldg.#10, Portland, OR 97224



How does the design process work?

1. Gather existing artwork if you have any
A logo, your website, advertisements you’ve done in the past, a business card, anything you think is relevant. It’s helpful for our designers to see it so we can make sure you advertisement fits your brand identity. If you don’t have anything or don’t know what to send, call us at (800) 824 8311 extension 741.

2. Tell us what you want your advertisement to look like by submitting your art direction
Once you have the artwork gathered from step 1 email it to art@benchcraftcompany.com or using the form above this section. Include your account number in your message. Write out any instructions you have about what you want your advertisement to look like.

3. Our design team will make and send you a proof (rough draft) of your advertisement
After we receive your art direction it will be assigned to a graphic designer who will make the first proof of your advertisement. Your proof will be mailed to you so you can see it at full size. Let us know if you want your proof emailed to you instead.

4. Tell us what you want changed or approve the design
Take a few days to look your proof over and call us if you’d like any changes. After you’ve contacted us with revisions a designer will send you a new proof. We usually do between 2-4 rounds of revisions. There are no extra charges for revisions-it’s all included in the original cost of your advertisement.

5. You give the approval of the final layout and we’re done!
Once you’ve approved the final advertisement design we’ll get everything printed and shipped to the golf course as soon as possible. Your year of advertising starts the day the advertisement arrives at the golf course. If you need to know the estimated print date you can call customer service at (800) 824 8311 extension 740.


Want to learn more? You can visit the design tips category of our blog for more tips, advice, and information.