This page is meant for people who want to design their advertisement themselves or for those using an outside design firm

If you are using our graphic design services you do not need to worry about the information on this page. Just send us what you have and we will work with you to design your advertisement.

If you choose to design your own advertisement or if you are an outside design firm please call us before getting started. We need to verify the dimensions of the advertisements at each specific golf course. We work with around 4,000 golf courses across North America and many of them receive custom-sized advertisements.

Advertisement sizes

Advertisement sizes vary from product to product and between golf courses. If you are designing your own advertisement the first thing you need to do is call us at (844) 200 1126, and select option 1, to find out the exact dimensions of your advertisement.

File types

The following file types are preferred for submission. All files, whether meant for use as print ready artwork or simple art directions, should be saved as one of the following file types: .eps, .pdf, .tif, .jpg, .png, .bmp, .rtf, .txt

Download templates

Template files for signage

The inner lines represent the live area, middle lines represent the cut line, and the outer lines represent the full bleed. Black circles indicate the position of screws. You do not need to include an additional bleed.

Template files for paper products

Businesses who have purchased advertising space in our Scorecards and Course Guides do not need to worry about a live area, cut line, or bleed. If you have purchased a double or triple sized scorecard, please contact us at 1 (844) 200 1126, and select option 2, for more information.

Other important information


Scorecards and Course Guides are printed using 4 color offset printing presses. Signage is printed on a large scale digital printer. Your advertisement will be printed in full color using CMYK inks.

We are unable to print Pantone colors, but can match them to the closest CMYK possible. Artwork submitted as RGB will be converted to CMYK. If you would prefer your advertisement to be printed in black and white, let us know when you give us your art directions.

We do not recommend using built black on scorecard or course guide advertisements as it can lead to an uneven finish and stickiness between pages.


We are unable to use photos, logos, trademarks or artwork from another company or artist without express permission from the original source.

If you provide Bench Craft designers with a photo, logo, or other piece of artwork, you are responsible for confirming that the piece of artwork is free for public commercial use or that your company has the rights to use it. If you need help finding a piece of artwork that is available for public commercial use, let us know and we will help you create or find something suitable.

Submitting print ready artwork

When you submit print-ready artwork you will need to include your account number in the subject line or body of your message. Without your account number we will be unable to find the advertiser in our database. Please let us know that you are submitting artwork that is print ready and not just art guidelines.

If you are submitting print-ready artwork on behalf of a third party please note that a proof will be sent to the business address we have on file for approval.

You can submit your artwork here when you are ready or email it to us at