What is a display board?

Bench Craft Golf Course Display Board Advertising
Our large display boards are an impressive 8 feet wide and 4 feet high. Each board is securely mounted to a solid wood or powder coated steel base which props the signage up to almost 8 feet tall. The display board is generally placed near the first hole on the course where every golfer is sure to see it. It features a detailed aerial view illustration of the course including practice facilities and the clubhouse. Next to the illustration the local rules and an official scorecard are posted for reference. A limited selection of sponsorship spots are available for the area around the outside edges of the display board.


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Display Boards

Signature Display Boards

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Sponsorship Opportunities

A limited number of sponsorship spots are available for display boards on select golf courses. Display board sponsorship spots are large and easy to see from a distance. Each tee sign is placed next to a tee box, with high visibility from every golfer on the course.

Once you become a sponsor, our team of professional graphic designers will work with you to create a custom layout for your company. To learn more about the design process, click here.


Examples of Sponsor Artwork

Why spend when you can save?

The Economical Solution

All of our products are provided to you, the golf course, at absolutely no cost. Our products are funded directly through local business advertising. This type of advertising gives businesses in your community an opportunity to be seen by a target consumer market, and allows your course to keep costs down.

By choosing Bench Craft, you will receive top-quality, custom designed products without any expense to your course. Simply design, delivery, and installation, we’ve got you covered. Why would you pay for what we will provide for free? It’s a no brainer.

Our signature display boards

Our display boards are a great economical choice for your course. An illustration of your entire course is prominently displayed, along with your scorecard and local rules and regulations. Our display boards are built using only the most durable materials to withstand the elements.