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Benches are placed at tee boxes and other high – traffic locations on the golf course. Golfers constantly refer to the par, yardage and handicap information on the benches and continually interact with them at busy areas of the golf course, such as the driving range, in front of the club house, and putting greens. Benches offer businesses the largest advertising spot available on the course. As an advertising sponsor, your message will be easily visible from quite a distance on the course. Each heavy duty bench is made with powder coated steel legs and beautifully stained cedar or redwood planks.

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Examples of a golf course bench

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Advertising opportunities

A limited number of advertising spots are available for benches on select golf courses. Each bench is placed in a high – traffic area of the golf course. The plaque on full benches are 12” high by 36” wide. Co benches feature two 12” high by 18” wide plaques. Once you have become a sponsoring advertiser, our team of professional graphic designers will work with you to create a custom layout for your business.  To learn more about the design process, click here.

Examples of Bench Advertisements


Why spend when you can save?

The economical solution

All of our products are provided to you, the golf course, at absolutely no cost. Our products are funded directly through local business sponsorship advertising. This type of advertising gives businesses in your community an opportunity to be seen by a target consumer market, and allows your golf course to keep costs down.

By choosing Bench Craft, you will receive top-quality custom designed products without any expense to your course. Simply tell us what product you need, and we’ll take care of the rest. From obtaining sponsors to design, delivery, and installation, we’ve got you covered. Why would you pay for what we will provide for free? It’s a no brainer.



Our signature Bench

For over 30 years we have been manufacturing, installing and maintaining benches on golf courses throughout the country. They are perfect for various locations around the course such as your tee areas, driving range, and practice facilities. Each bench can be moved easily to suit your specific needs.

These heavy duty benches have double – powder coated steel legs and weigh 77lbs They require minimal maintenance, which is covered completely by Bench Craft.