What is a golf course guide?

golf course guide books

Golf course guides are pocket sized magazines filled with information about the golf course and its facilities.

Every hole on the golf course is featured on its own 2-page spread. An illustrated map of the hole fills an entire page. This map is marked with important measurements to hazards and landmarks including bunkers, trees, water features, and tee box locations.

The yardage, par and handicap information is prominently displayed. A close up view of the green and depth measurements are included. A detailed playing tip and hole description written by the golf course pro and a photo of the golf course are featured on the page across from the map illustration.

One local business advertiser is featured directly across from the map and yardages, underneath the playing tip and photo for each hole.

Depending on the golf course, there may also be a limited number of advertisement spots available on other pages including the scorecard, back cover, inside front cover and amenities pages.

All of our golf course guide books are printed in full color on thick, glossy paper and professionally bound at Bench Craft Company headquarters in Portland, Oregon.


Map pages

Golf course hole maps

Entire golf course overview

Amenities & facilities

Front cover

Back cover

Scorecard pages

Sponsorship Advertising

A limited amount of advertisement spots are available for each course guide. Advertisements are the same size as a horizontal business card and take up about 1/3 of the page. Advertisement opportunities are available on each of the map pages in the golf course guide. As the exclusive business advertising on that map page, your company will receive exclusive placement right below the pro tip and hole photograph.
Additional advertisement spots may also be available for the scorecard page, amenities pages, and the back cover of the book. Our team of professional graphic designers will work with you to create a custom layout for your business.To learn more about the design process, click here.

Examples of Advertiser Artwork

Why spend when you can save?

The economical solution

All of our products are provided to you, the golf course, at absolutely no cost. Our products are funded directly through local business sponsorship. This type of advertising gives businesses in your community an opportunity to be seen by a target consumer market, and allows your course to keep costs down.
By choosing Bench Craft, you will receive top-quality custom designed products without any expense to your course. Simply tell us what product you need, and we’ll take care of the rest. From obtaining advertisers to design, delivery, and installation, we’ve got you covered. Why would you pay for what we will provide for free? It’s a no brainer.


A valuable marketing tool

Course guides are the perfect solution for any golf course looking to take their image to the next level and provide their patrons with something extra. Our easy to set up program adds value to your daily product offering while creating positive word of mouth advertising for your golf course.

These pocket sized, hole by hole golf course guide books are completely customized with maps, yardage information, and green illustrations. They are a valuable marketing piece for your golf course as well as a classic souvenir for players. We understand every course is unique. Our design team will work directly with you to customize your guides so they highlight the best qualities of your course, and to ensure accuracy.